Lars Kaml

P svenska, om jag fr be

Mailing address:
Department of Astronomy and Space Physics
Box 515
S-751 20 Uppsala
+46-18-471 59 65 (Institute)
+46-18-14 37 01 (Home, where you are more likely to find me)
+46-18-471 59 99

My main interest in astronomy is comets. I have made several important discoveries, by myself and in co-operation with others, especially my former tutor, professor Hans Rickman. Here is a list of publications in that field:


Recently, I have become interested in climate and the misuse of science I think is going on there:

Is climate research pseudo science?

An update about pseudo science in climate research

Why don't we have to worry about carbon dioxide?

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Last updated June, 6, 2003